Thursday, 31 January 2013

Appointment With Death

                Appointment With Death, written by David J. Dundas, is a short novel about a sadistic serial killer and the detective intent on catching him. Murphy is a young man whose dream to become a cop is realized and he quickly rises through the ranks to become a detective. When a serial killer starts leaving victims everywhere and is taking the eyeballs as trophies Murphy must use all of his skills to find the murderer as soon as possible. Joining Murphy on the case is a colorful cast of characters that, at times, make the story more confusing than it would need to be. The best thing about this whole story is that it’s only fifty-one pages long on an ereader. The story idea is a good one and could make for a good read but the way it is set up doesn’t work. The glaring lack of attention paid to a timeline was a constant irritation. Many of the scenes were not written in sequential order and therefore made the story quite hard to follow at times. The identity of the murderer is extremely easy to figure out which defeats the purpose of a mystery. A lack of editing is also very evident throughout the story.  Appointment With Death just ended up giving me a headache instead of enjoyment.

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