Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I just finished reading a great little novella called TDX2 (too dull to die) written by Dani Caile. It's one of those ones you can just sit down, enjoy a glass of wine (okay so I don't drink wine but juice worked too) and have a good laugh at the antics that a recently dead young man gets up to as he travels the afterlife with the Grim Reaper (also known as Graham). It's just a lot of fun to read, lots of humour and easy and quick. It's a great way to introduce the cast of characters and from what I've read on the author's blog there may be another one. I can't wait!
The temperatures have finally warmed up. I got lots of reading done last week being stuck inside but I'm told that I get more than a little cranky being cooped up.  I can't wait to get my next needle in my back to ease the pain. Today was a day I cursed cancer big time!

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