Monday, 21 January 2013

I figure this colour looks cold because that is what I am. It's -27 with wind chill and I'm ready for spring. The good thing about the cold is that I get lots of time to read. I was just perusing the website for Goodreads, a great place for fellow book lovers to gather and discuss and discover great books. Gives the reader a chance to talk with the authors which is always lots of fun. I just finished A Year In the Life of a Duchess by Ian Lloyd. If you enjoy royalty then this is a fun look at Duchess Catherines first year as a royal with loads of photos. The War on Women is also a good read about Violence towards women in Canada. It's written by Brian Vallee who also wrote Life with Billy. That is one heck of an excellent book although disturbing. Happened an hour or so away from me. Anyway, I must be off. Need to warm up a bit before the storm. Happy reading!

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