Friday, 11 January 2013

Here I am at 2013 and so happy to be here...mostly. Lord knows I wasn't supposed to be (ovarian cancer, chemo complications) but I am and with lots of time on my hands I tend to read a ton of books. I figured I would try to blog about the books I read and maybe a bit about my life over the next year and see how I did. I was never great at keeping diaries. When my older brother would try to read my diary he always said it was the most boring thing he had ever read. Also, I'm a pen and paper kind of girl so typing drives me crazy. When I worked everyone else used computers but I generally stuck to pen and paper. I'm a bit old fashoined that way although I do love my laptop. As for reading, I love discovery new authors, especially indie authors because I figure they put all that time into writing their books and should get as much advertising as possible so hopefully a few people will read this and look up a book that sounds good to them. In the next few days I'll get some reviews up I've done for some books since the New Year began and go from there. I love having books recommended to me so that would be welcome too. If anyone reads my blog then aces for me! :))

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