Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Building Long-Term Relationships

                Building Long-Term Relationships is a thick textbook-like read that provides the foundation for building and maintaining a lasting relationship with your partner. It’s full of information about how to understand ourselves and therefore better our relationship skills and each chapter concentrates on one building block to establish and work on. At the end of each chapter are questions to ask yourself and maybe discuss with your partner and also an essay question. I found the book quite interesting and surprisingly easy to read considering the length and subject. Although some parts seemed a bit monotonous, overall the information was very insightful and written in a way that made it quite relatable to my own life. The author, John Loeff, references pop culture and newsworthy events often when giving examples which kept my interest piqued. I particularly liked the sections on listening and communicating where Mr. Loeff explains the different forms of each, including the ones we are familiar with as well as ones we really don’t think about but are using anyway. I also liked the chapter about different personality types and how to identify and deal with each one.  Also intriguing was how our birth order affects our relationships. Building Long-Term Relationships would make an ideal book for required reading in a psychology course or relationship counselling because it is filled with lots of information about us and our relationships. It is very much worth taking the time to read.

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