Wednesday, 16 January 2013

 So far I'm not doing so well with this blog writing. It's a bit like my diary, I keep forgetting it. Anyway, I've been reading a huge amount lately, especially since January started. I've just finished An Idiot Abroad by Karl Pilkington. I've watched the series on TV and listened to his and Ricky Gervaise's podcasts and they are hilarious. I used to think there was no way that a person like Karl actually existed but yes, he is real. This book is hilarious. The whole way through I heard his voice in my head reading it. Sounds a bit weird doesn't it? I always wondered if other people did that when they read. The book is actually acted out like a movie in my mind's eye as I read. I also see words that people say or some that I read in certain colours. I've since learned that is called synthesthesia and contrary to my belief, most people don't have it. My husband has also informed me that most people don't picture books in their minds like movies and that I am just plain strange. Does anyone else do any of these things? It makes reading much more exciting! I also read The Racketeer by John Grisham. I know this is a huge one for lots of people. Lord knows the waiting list at the library for it was huge. I didn't really like it. I find once you've read one of John Grisham's books then you have the blueprint for them all,  much the same as James Patterson who just seems to put his names on books as a co-author lately. You can always tell if he's don't much with them or not. He has a true talent but when combined with authors...well they aren't my favorite. Like I said before, I like to read graphic novels and recently read Interview With A Vampire: Claudia's Story by Anne Rice and Ashley Marie Witter. It wasn't bad. The illustrations were great and the back story of Claudia was well done. I'll stop rambling on for now. I've read lots more but will add it on each time I blog. Another snow storm coming. I had just found out that there was still a driveway under all the ice out there and now I'll be knee deep in snow. I guess I'm not a true Canadian because I hate snow, hockey and Tim Horton's coffee!

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