Sunday, 23 November 2014

Gertrude and the Magical Fish by Angela Emily Neveins

                Gertrude and the Magical Fish is a sweet little children’s book written by first time author Angela Emily Neveins and illustrated by Mahfuja Selim. Gertrude is an elderly lady who lives in the magical kingdom of Avalon with her cat Mr. Whiskers. She is very lonely and one day comes across a talking fish that turns into a little girl. This is a lovely little story that teaches the idea that sometimes giving up someone you love to make them happy will end up with you being happy as well. The book explains it much better than I do. The vocabulary is appropriate for children to have the book read to them and the illustrations are bright and cheerful. I read this on my ereader which doesn’t always work well for picture books but Gertrude and the Magical Fish turned out not too bad although the actual book would be more entertaining for a child. The cover is appealing and attractive. This is a delightful book with a subtle yet lovely message.

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