Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Beast of Seabourne by Rhys A. Jones

                The Beast of Seabourne is book two in a series called the Artifact Series. The target audience of readers are middle schoolers but, much like the Harry Potter series, even adults will enjoy this action packed magical adventure. The author states in the back of the book that some of his inspirations are J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman, among others, which I found interesting because as I read the book I thought about how it reminded me of those authors’ works. I haven’t read book one yet and although it would be enjoyable and beneficial to do so, it’s not necessary in order to read book two because the author does a great job of giving just enough back story to know what is going on without ruining the story of book one. The friendship between the three friends is realistic and heartwarming as they argue and stick up for each other whether against bullying classmates or the terrifying beast that has been terrorizing Oz’s classmates. There’s also lots of science tidbits written in such a way that a kid reading this book may actually learn something from it. There is lots of action that will keep even the most reluctant reader interested. I read this on my ereader and the formatting was perfect. The cover is a good representation of the story. This is an excellent book and it’s worth checking out the rest of the series.

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