Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Butcher's Boy - Michael Robb Mathias

                The Butcher’s Boy is a creepy paranormal thriller that grips the reader within the first few pages. Janet and her son Michael are making a new start but, unbeknownst to them, the house Janet buys used to belong to the Butcher family who were horribly murdered by the father. Now the house is haunted and every one that has lived there since has died. Michael grows curious after seeing a ghost by his bed and starts to investigate what happened in the house. This stirs up the past and the horror and terror starts. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Every time I tried there was some new twist that kept me reading. I had no idea who the protagonist was until about three quarters of the way through the book. The characters are well written, realistic (mostly), and likeable (also mostly). The story is full of twists and turns and never predictable. All of these things makes this one of the best books I’ve read this year. I read the digital version of this book on my ereader and it formatted well. The cover was eye-catching and suited the storyline.