Monday, 19 October 2015

The Commode Companion - Rolf Margenau

                The Commode Companion is a fun little book that I have to admit I chose because of the title and the cover picture. I’m a sucker for a cute cat picture every time. The author has used some very beautiful pictures of animals and added funny captions to them, much like is often seen on Facebook. Keep in mind that a few of the captions are a bit explicit so the book probably shouldn’t be left around for young kids to read even though the pictures would certainly be enticing to them. At the beginning the author provides information about how readers can participate in future versions of the book by making their own captions and sending them in to maybe be chosen to be added to the book. I think this is a great idea and adds to the fun of the book. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and the captions, for the most part, are amusing. This is a cute book to have for the coffee table or, as the title suggest, the bathroom. I read my version on my ereader which worked well but a printed version would be better, in my opinion.

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