Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Addition for Kids - Sun Eastley

                Addition For Kids is a short workbook that is meant to prepare children for the basics of math. The author covers everything from counting money to adding decimals to Roman numerals. Each “chapter” just touches on each topic and I would probably only use this in addition to other materials as a touch up to what the child already knows. However, having worked in the school system with children of this age, I found that this book would be confusing and boring for them. I tried the book both on my ereader and laptop to see if I was missing something in the layout but both times it came out the same way. There are no illustrations to keep the child’s interest, the vocabulary is far too high for children of this age (especially in the section about shapes), and rarely are Roman numerals taught to this extent anymore. I did like the hint given about how to tell which months have thirty-one days. I also liked the idea of having one small workbook that touches on everything so that a child could practice at home but this is not written for a child at a beginner math level. As I previously stated I didn’t like how this translated to my ereader or laptop. The cover is very basic and not eye catching for a child at all.