Friday, 7 August 2015

The Face on Mars is in the Mirror - RPWII

 This is probably one of the strangest poetry books I’ve ever read. It is also one of the darkest which is probably why, for the most part, I liked it even if I didn’t understand a lot of the poems. The author, Ronald P. Wiskup II, calls this occult poetry and in addition to his poems he included pictures he drew as a child as well as snapshots of the actual pages he drafted some of the poems on. My favorite section of poems were those that dealt with romance. The author really conveys some of the longing and pain he feels for certain women in his life, in particularly someone named Michelle. The poems about her are darkly obsessive, almost creepy in their tone, but it is just that tone which draws me in. More poems with an obsessive nature follow and the depth and darkness made these, in my opinion, the best of the whole collection. Some of them made absolutely no sense to me but others, like Witches Lot, told a story that was rich in imagery. My one big problem was that due to the set-up of how the poems were placed I didn’t always know where one poem ended and another began. I wasn’t crazy about the cover or title which made me think I was getting into a science fiction collection but overall I’m glad I read this strange but interesting book of poetry.