Friday, 28 August 2015

Hail to the Chief - Tanyo Ravicz

                Hail to the Chief is a ninety-one page poem about the rise and somewhat fall of Bill Clinton and his marriage to Hilary. It’s very tongue-in-cheek but also fairly accurate. As the author states at the end of the book, he has a done a fair amount of research into the lives of one of the most memorable presidents of our time, even if he is remembered for the wrong reasons. His roving eye and affair with Monica Lewinsky is explored thoroughly by the author. Mr. Ravicz has great fun picking the story of the intern and the president apart and turning it into an entertaining and quite explicit poem. Some people may be offended by this book because it is sexually explicit by places and does make a fair amount of fun of Bill Clinton’s problem keeping his pants zipped. However I thought it was highly amusing and fun to read. I’m not a follower of politics nor do I live in the States so I wasn’t offended in any way. In fact, I probably learned things about American history from this poem. I bought the digital version of this and it worked well on my ereader and I loved the cover. In fact, the whole book would make a great graphic comic.