Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Crimzon and Clover I-X

                I’m not usually a fantasy enthusiast so I tend to be rather picky about which books I read in this genre. I read a few reviews about this author and decided to try this short story collection about a strong willed girl, Clover, and her fiery protective dragon, Crimzon. As the author explains at the beginning, there is no book one in the collection as it can be obtained for free online. Also explained is why books eight and nine don’t contain the two main characters, Crimzon and Clover, at all. As much as I loved these characters’ adventures throughout the collection, it was actually the two books without Crimzon and Clover that I loved the most and I hope there are more stories involving the fairy folk and the wizard. I loved the world created by M.R. Mathias. It’s magical and entertaining. The characters are multifaceted and leads the reader to care about what happens to them. In one of the stories, something bad happens to a dragon (not Crimzon) and I actually felt really sad for this mythical, made-up creature. That is the work of a good writer. It’s also nice to have all of the stories in one large collection so that they can be read as one. It held my interest much better this way. The entire collection formatted to my ereader very well. Due to the fact that I read it on my ereader I really didn’t take notice of the cover and it had no bearing on my choosing to read this collection.

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