Thursday, 12 November 2015

Loving the Headsman's Daughter - Oscar Manta

                Loving the Headsman’s Daughter is a fairly short erotic tale about the daughter of a highly respected executioner (he took off Anne Boleyn’s head) and the man who falls in love with her, Denis. Denis and Jacquette commit a crime in self-defence and must try to stay ahead of the law. To do this, Denis runs away to live with Jacquette and her family of legalized killers. Here he finds out about her secret taboo passion and has to decide whether he can live with it or not. The description for the book makes it sound much more explicit than it is. There is some sexual content but it is written tastefully and, although the love story is a large part of the whole tale, the truly interesting part involves the rest of the story. I found the information about the executioner’s life and how he tortured criminals during this time period to be fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed the era the book is set in and the author really nailed the feeling of life in the 1500s (or what I think life would be like!). I read the digital version of this book and it formatted well to my ereader. The cover, in my opinion, looks like one for a romance story and this book is so much more than that and would be enjoyed by people not interested in that sort of thing. I really enjoyed reading this!

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